The Best Smartwatches on the Market so Far


You might not even know about the concept, but smartwatches are slowly becoming a thing. The idea of a computer watch is old, and I remember myself daydreaming about a hi tech watch like those of James Bond, Mission:Impossible and Inspector Gadget. I may not be able to control my car from a distance just yet, but intelligent watches are hitting the market for real. Read more

Are Tablets Taking Too Much Space in the Bedroom?

Tablets are certainly a revolutionary tool that allows us to access information, socialize and even work from anywhere. No longer are we tied to a computer to get our entertainment and productivity accomplished. The main advantage to this is the increased productivity such total portability brings. Read more

How to Use Internet on your Cellphone the Right Way

There are two sources of Internet your cell phone can use. You can connect to a local wireless network, or you can connect to your cell carrier’s 3G or 4G network. Which do you choose? Read more