Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182Commission of Inquiry
into the Investigation of the
Bombing of Air India
Flight 182
Government of Canada
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Final Report
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Final Report

Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy

Remarks by Commissioner John C Major, June 17, 2021

Key Findings of the Commission

A Guide to the Report

Report Table Of Contents

  • Volume 1
    The Overview
  • Volume 2
    Part 1: Pre-Bombing
    Part 2: Post-Bombing Investigation and Response
  • Volume 3
    The Relationship between Intelligence and Evidence and the Challenges of Terrorism Prosecutions
  • Volume 4
    Aviation Security
  • Volume 5
    Terrorist Financing
  • Reader's Guide
    Acronyms and Key Names

Research Studies
Table Of Contents

  • Volume 1
    Threat Assessment RCMP/CSIS Co-operation
  • Volume 2
    Terrorism Financing, Charities, and Aviation Security
  • Volume 3
    Terrorism Prosecutions
  • Volume 4
    The Unique Challenges of Terrorism Prosecutions

To order printed copies of the Commission's report, please contact Government of Canada Publications.

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Important Notices

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